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Classified as level 1 biosafety


Edible organisms


Qualified safety


Of natural origin, non-genetically modified

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Conair probiotic preparation is efficient in greenhouse vegetables agriculture as encouraging growth and improving plant resistance.

The probiotic preparation use prevents lesions and diseases in roots and foliage.
Spraying is conducted again before harvesting in order to protect the crops and extend shelf life.

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Through its tested and validated solutions in some of the largest chicken farms in Romania, CONAIR offers a revolutionary approach in raising chickens, an approach that goes beyond the health of the intestine and offers "health" and the environment in which they are raised.

By eliminating the human factor, through our patented bt100 probiotic compound dispersion systems, we achieve full coverage of the space occupied by chickens in just a few minutes, and offer something that classic (chemical) solutions will never do - STABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY growth environment.

Image by Adriel Kloppenburg

Plant systemic resistance induction & Plant growth-promoting

Mass agricultural crops production depend on massive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides against various pests that damage plants and agricultural yields.

The use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides involves extensive damage to the environment and poses a severe threat to human and animal health (causes diseases, poisoning, mutagenesis, and infertility).

The Bacillus flora used in Conair probiotic preparation raises the plant native induced systemic resistance (ISR) against microbial pathogens, insects, nematodes and viruses by specific gene expression intervene, signal pathway alteration and improved cellular biochemical balance in the treated plants. These changes also entail physiological changes such as increased cell wall density. These changes make it difficult to spread the diseased lesions and eradicate the pathogens.

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