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Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables by proper washing and storage

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Bio FRESH is a 100% organic solution, enriched with probiotic bacteria


Bio FRESH helps keep fruits fresh for longer


Bio FRESH removes and keeps away from the surface of products, harmful bacteria and pathogens

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Prevents damage due to bacterial causes of fruits and vegetables

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Did you know ...

Fresh products, including apples,

grapes, salad, peaches, peppers, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes are known

because they harbor large populations of bacteria, but we are just beginning to explore the diversity of communities associated with these products.


We know that important human pathogens can be associated with products ( eg, L. monocytogenes, E. coli, Salmonella) and, because fresh products are often eaten raw, such pathogens can cause widespread disease outbreaks.


In addition to directly causing the disease, those microbes found in products can have other, less direct effects on human health.

Exposure to plant-associated microbes can influence the development of allergies, and the consumption of raw products can be an important means by which new

Commensal bacteria are introduced into the human gastrointestinal system.

More specifically, microbes associated with production can have important effects on food spoilage rates, and many of the microbes found on kitchen surfaces appear to come from product sources.


Remove dirt from fruits and vegetables normally under running water



fill a bowl with water and add the products



add two tablespoons of BIOFRESH and let the products stand for 10 minutes



remove the fruits and store them either directly in the refrigerator or in baskets, without drying or wiping them with rags.


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