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AIRCO SAFE is a ready-to-use organic solution, enriched with probiotic bacteria.
The effect of the product is based on probiotics that produce enzymes for a long time. These enzymes break down organic residues, which separate from the substrate and dissolve them to
be easier to remove mechanically.

It is used as such, by spraying on the elements that require cleaning and sanitization (split vaporizers, their filters, lamellar condensers and including the housings of the appliances)

The solution is left to act for up to 15 minutes, then either rinse with water under low pressure on the filters and condensers of the external splits, or turn on the air conditioner in cooling mode in which case the solution and the vaporizer are removed by the collector and the condensate drain tube.


SKU: 21005
  • - 100% ORGANIC

    - very strong action
    - safe to use on all washable surfaces
    - combined modern detergents
    with probiotics provides deep cleansing at the microscopic level
    - considerably reduces the risk of
    unpleasant odors and combats them
    - helps to form and maintain a healthy microflora inside the device
    - effect up to 6 months due to probiotic bacteria that multiply and keep the surface sanitized

  • 500ml

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