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MULTI SURFACE is a ready-to-use organic solution, enriched with probiotic bacteria.
Suitable for cleaning all types of organic contamination from any surface with which we come into direct and frequent contact with touch.

The effect of the product is based on probiotics that produce enzymes for a long time. These enzymes break down organic residues, which separate from the substrate and dissolve them to be easier to remove mechanically.

This product is a cleaning agent and cannot be used as a biocide.



- all washable surfaces in the house

- door handles
- tables, chairs
- sinks, water taps

- mobile phone screens


SKU: 21002
  • - 100% ORGANIC

    - very strong action
    - safe to use on all washable surfaces
    - combined modern detergents
    with probiotics provides deep cleansing at the microscopic level
    - considerably reduces the risk of unpleasant odors and actively combats them
    - helps to form and maintain a healthy microflora on surfaces

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