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PROBIOTIC SHOWER GEL is a gel that promotes the environment, cleanses the body and reduces the risk of germs.

Conair probiotic products are made from 100% active, natural ingredients and are enriched with probiotics. The products have a beneficial effect on humans and animals.

Conair probiotic products are anti-allergic and drastically reduce the risk of allergies and infections. Conair probiotic products are also good for the environment

Discover the unique probiotic products for a total and healthy hygiene of the house and the body.

After all, choosing CONAIR is choosing a healthier life!


SKU: 10061
  • - Curata porii adanc

    - Ofera un sentiment revigorant

    - Hidrateaza

    - Calmează pielea

    - Restaureaza microflora pielii

    - combate activ mirosurile corpului până la 12 ore după utilizare

  • 400ml

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