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BIO GO is a revolutionary, multifunctional portable device, capable of dispersing in the form of fog the highly concentrated probiotic compound BIO AIR whether you are at home, at the office, in the hotel room or in the car.
The large fluid reservoir and pre-programmed programming interface make it work for you so you don't have to worry about the environment around you.
Control the microecosystem around you now!
Enjoy fresh air and a healthy environment, wherever you are! - BioGO

Bio Go M20

SKU: 32020
  • • Ideal for extra sustainable hygiene on restaurant tables before placing new customers

    • Prolongs the effect of PCC99 treatment by permanently bringing a supply of new bacteria in the car air conditioning system as well as on all surfaces in the car

    • Ideal for hotel rooms for better sanitation of linen and surfaces before accommodation

    • Fewer infections

    • Reduced viral infectivity • Purified spaces

    • Fewer allergies

    • Eliminating the causes of odors, not just covering them

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